KATELYN - 1999

Christmas dinner at Aunt Carol's 12/25/99 With our Christmas tree 12/25/99

Making Christmas cookies 12/18/99 Singing "Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star" at the Hoover Holiday Pageant 12/9/99

Eating Birthday Cake - Happy 3rd Birthday 12/5/99 Painting 11/27/99  
Making Ornaments with Grandma 11/27/99 Dressy Girl at Thanksgiving 11/25/99  
The new BIG GIRL Bed 11/8/99 Halloween Princess 10/31/99  
With Deanna at Halloween 10/31/99 It got rainy on our trip, so Katelyn got a pink kitty umbrella, her favorite! 10/21/99  
Up a tree at Aunt Joan & Uncle Bob's house, 10/15/99 Our pink girl... 10/15/99  
Two cute girls! 10/8/99 Clowning around - pajamas on the head! 9/30/99  
Reading 9/24/99 With Sidney-boy 9/24/99  
Katelyn with Stephanie and Amy, 9/21/99 Eating and laughing 9/6/99  
In Gail & Wally's boat 9/4 At the park near Gail & Wally's 9/4  
On the boat 9/4 with cousin Deanna 9/4/99  
Wearing Aunt Judy's shoes Bathing Beauty  
Something's funny... 8/1/99 After-bath blues  
Not happy. With cousin Christopher, visiting Cal Poly The photographer catching the photograper  
Hangin' out with Auntie Carol in SLO-town On a (fake) horse at the fair, 8/13/99  
Oracle Company picnic: On the car ride Oracle Company picnic: petting a goat  
Oracle Company picnic: on the carousel with Aunt Judy Oracle Company picnic: Riding Cinnamon, the pony  
with Isabel 6/26/99 Petting Sidney  
Our favorite flower girl 6/19/99

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At the Dyke March 6/25/99  
Computer Girl #1 7/99 Bikin' Babe, at the SF Parade 6/26/99

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Computer Girl#2 7/99
6/4/99 - fun fun fun 4/15 Second haircut#1  
5/99 Potty Time#1 4/15 Second haircut#2  
5/99 Potty Time#2 4/99 coloring  
Playing out in front of the house (photos courtesy of Aunt Judy) 4/99 4/10/99 Harley shop in Sausalito  
4/99 Backyard Fun with Auntie Glynis 4/99 Gardening with Auntie Susan  
4/99 Bubbles with Auntie Glynis 3/99 With Thumpers   
3/99 Mowing the lawn with Aunt Glynis 3/99 Shampoo antics  
OLD PICTURES Large versions of these aren't available here anymore.
E-mail Marilyn if you want to see them.
4/99 bubbles in the yard 4/99 Munching on the booster seat  
3/99 Sippy Cup Babe 3/9 First successful waffle buttering