HALEY - 2000

    Cutie! 12/29/00
With Katelyn and Nana Frances 12/27/00 Grinning Girl 12/4/00  
Mutual Admiration 10/20 Sleepy Girl 10/19  
Family Photo 10/5 First Bath (she loved it!) 10/8  
Proud Big Sister  10/4 Proud Grandma and her Granddaughters 10/5  
In the nursery at the hospital Burping time  
Big Sister Katelyn helping to feed Haley Mom, Haley, and Katelyn  
First photo after birth (covered with white stuff because she was early)

5 days old  

Welcome Haley Marie Hollinger!!
September 25, 2000   7:36pm
6 lbs 2 oz     19 inches long


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