KATELYN - 2000

With Haley and Nana Frances 12/27/00 Trying out the new bike with cousin Lee 12/23/00

A little baby envy...swinging in Haley's swing. 10/20 Sporting a Big Sister T-shirt at the baby shower 9/16

Popcorn & M&M snack with Mommy Kathie and Sidney 8/20 Cutie Pie! 8/31  
Playing at the dentists's office, first dentist visit (Dr. Golden in South San Francisco) 8/25/00 Frolicking with Grandpa Ed 8/18  
Loving Mommy Kathie, at Nana's 8/18/00 Playing with cousins Chelsea and Hannah 8/18/00  
With Nana 8/18/00 Riding Kelly's bike 8/11/00  
With new friends Tracy and Kelly, and their mom Nancy. 8/11/00 Little Princess halping to bathe Sidney with Mommy Marilyn 7/23/00  
Oracle Picnic: Strollin' auth Aunts Susan and Judy. 7/15/00 Oracle Picnic: Hugging Aunt Judy 7/15/00  
Oracle Picnic: in the balloon air machine with Aunt Judy 7/15/00 Oracle Picnic: Carousel with Aunt Judy. 7/15/00  
Dancer in pretty purple (a present from Auntie Carol) 7/1/00 Chocolate Milk Babe 7/25/00  
The whole family at the parade 6/25/00 Strapped onto the Harley with Mommy Kathie  
With Glynis and Susan at the parade 6/25/00
Katelyn dancing on stage with her class 6/24/00 Our little ballerina  
After the performance
Katelyn walking with cousins Ashley and Elyssa to the reception after Jenny's Bat Mitzvah. Katelyn catching water on her tongue in the backyard at Elaine and Phil's, cooling off with her cousins.  
Katelyn and Taylor making what? from wood chips in the backyard play area at Steven and Randi's house, after Elyssa's First Communion. Kateln asleep in mom's arms, amid all the commotion of the reception after Jenny's Bay Mitzvah.  
It was raining when we got there, and for much of the trip. Katelyn all deckeed out in the dress-up outfit bought for her by cousin Louise.  
Loving counsin Douglas, who is 2 weeks younger and several inches taller than Katelyn! Swimming together at the indoor pool at the hotel.  
Hot Rod Babe, at cousin Monica's house, with the neighbors, Douglas's cousins. Katelyn at the wheel...look out!  
Katelyn and Marilyn in the BIG jaccuzzi tub at the hotel.
With Mommy Kathie, reading the paper. Riding the roller coaster...had to be in the front car!  
Bedtime with Grandma 2/14/00 With Grandma's elephant ears  
Her Favorite Dress
Breakfast with Piglet at Disneyland 2/12/00 Dance outfit  
Dance outfit, posing on the couch Still in the dance outfit, hanging out with Grandpa Tom  
Stylish new Disney attire, with RED boots. New nightshirt  
Sleeping Beauties 1/1/00 Hiking to Point Reyes Lighthouse with Mommy Kathie 1/1/00  
Christmas dinner at Aunt Carol's 12/25/99 With our Christmas tree 12/25/99  
Making Christmas cookies 12/18/99 Singing "Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star" at the Hoover Holiday Pageant 12/9/99