August 1, 2000

We have some sad news.On Tuesday, July 25, at about 3am,  Kathie's mom, Katherine (Kay) Sunday Richards Hollinger Chisholm, passed away. She died quickly, at home. Tom called the paramedics when he heard her fall out of bed at 2:30am and couldn't revive her. They worked on her for about 30 minutes, but were unable to get her heart started. The family all arrived at the house by about 3:30.

Even though Kay had been ill, it was still hard to see her go. We know she is in a better place, but we miss her. Katelyn keeps asking if Grandma is happy in heaven.

The viewing and rosary were held at the San Bruno Funeral Home on Wednesday, July 26. The Funeral was held at St. Robert's Catholic Church in San Bruno on Thursday, July 27. She was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetary.

We are all still grieving, Kathie most of all. Please send her your prayers and good wishes.