January 13, 2000

It's been a while since the last family update, so here's the latest, in chronological order.

Katelyn had 3 birthday parties. First we had the family and some friends over on Saturday December 4th, then some other friends over on Sunday December 5th, then, on her actual birthday, Monday the 6th, she had cupcakes with her class at preschool.

All of this was in the middle of Chanukah, so Katelyn thought for a long time that it was PRESENT CITY. Aunt Susan came with cousin Lee, and there were MORE PRESENTS.

Speaking of presents, Kathie got a BIG ONE. Well, sort of. We put down a deposit on a new HARLEY DAVIDSON!! Unfortunately they're back-ordered, so she won't get it until May or so. Click here to see which model she got. The tank will be pearl white with violet and purple trim.

Just before Chritmas we found out that the IVF cycle wasn't successful. But we're starting another cycle, and will know if this one has worked by about the 5th of February.

Christmas was a big deal for us, as usual. We spent the morning opening presents at home with Aunt Judy, Aunt Glynis, and Aunt Susan. Then we went to Aunt Carol's for dinner.

Over the New Year we went to the Treehouse Bed and Breakfast in Point Reyes. It was beautiful and relaxing, and our host, Lisa, made great breakfasts for us! Click here for pictures.

After the new year we weren't yet done with presents. Not to be outdone by Kathie's Harley, on January 7th Marilyn ordered a new car, a Cadillac Deville. As her financial advisor said, "You're the primary bread-winner in your family and you're driving around in a 10-year-old car without air bags or anti-lock brakes. That's just not smart financially." So now she'll be driving around in luxury AND safety! Unfortunately there was no car available with the exact set of features she wanted, so it's on order, hopefully in sometime in March. Click here to take a look.