July 2, 2000

Katelyn had a dance recital on the 24th. She and the rest of the 3 and 4 year olds danced to the Worry Bird song. They were REALLY cute!

We all rode motorcycles in the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade. Glynis rented a motorcycle, I was on the Honda, and Kathie was on our new Harley. ultraSusan brought Katelyn up on BART, and the plan was for Katelyn to ride behind Kathie on the Harley using a special riding belt. I had an extra seat and offered it to a woman named Ellen from Sacramento who was looking for a ride.But when the time came to mount up, the Honda wouldn't start! So Katelyn rode with Glynsi and Susan and I sat behind Kathie. Not easy with a 5 1/2-month-old baby in my belly!! It was somewhat uncomfortable, but fun nonetheless. Click here for parade pictures.

We closed escrow on the condo in San Luis Obispo on the 30th. Christopher and various members of the extended family are going down there this coming weekend to do lots of work on it.

Kay is doing better. She went back in the hospital on June 27th due to the excessive swelling in her feet. She should be out by the 5th. She's much more motivated to get up and down and walk around now, so that should aid her recovery.

We're working on putting her house up for sale, and buying her one with fewer stairs, so she won't be stuck there as she is now, with the 13 steep steps to get into her house.

We're also looking at vehicles to replace our truck. It's really not suitable for two car seats, so we need to do it before the baby comes. We also have some motivation to do it sooner rather than later because Mikie needs a new car, and wants to buy our truck.