March 5, 2000

The last two months have been hectic.

Our biggest news: We're pregnant!! That's right, our second IVF cycle worked! As of right now we're fairly certain it's only one baby. We have a photo of the 3-day-old embryos and the ultrasound just a couple of weeks after finding out we were pregnant. Due date: 10/18/00.

Katelyn started a pre-creative dance class in January, so she's turning into quite our little ballerina.

We went to Disneyland on February 11. Katelyn had a GREAT time. More pictures coming soon.

We went to visit Dad & Reggie on February 12, bringing Grandma Frances along so we could celebrate her 93rd birthday all together.

We visited Aunt Susan on February 25th for her 40th birthday.

Marilyn got her new Cadillac on February 26. It had been on order since January 7.

We visited our friends Debbie & Lisa at their new lakefront house at Clear Lake on March 2-4. Pictures coming soon.

We're planning a Reno trip March 10-13. Katelyn gets to spend three whole days with her Aunt Susan!