October 23, 2000

There have been a lot of developments in the Hollinger family.

First, the good news. On September 25, about 4 weeks early, Haley Marie Hollinger made her appearance. Click here for more info on the new arrival.

Next, the not-so-good news. Kathie has decided to end our relationship. This comes as quite a shock to me, but she is adamant that our relationship is not salvageable, that it's over. Rather than putting words in her mouth, please contact Kathie to get her side of why this is happening.We are currently in the process of splitting up our lives, arranging custody issues and property divisions. It's all very sad and sudden, but we're getting through it.

This home page will continue, but will be much more mine than Kathie's for obvious reasons.

I'm currently planning on moving in about 6 weeks, to a new house. Stay tuned for new contact information.