September 1, 2000

The last month has been a series of ups and downs.

The first weekend in August, Kathie and I went to Pismo Beach to celebrate our 7th anniversary. It was nice and relaxing, and give us a chance to check on our condo in San Luis Obispo. Christopher has done a great job getting it fixed up, with help from friends and family. Chris is moving in this week, and starts school in a few weeks.

Speaking of real estate, we had a house in escrow for Kay when she passed away, right around the corner from us. We had the option to cancel the sale, but we got a good deal on it. In addition, given the tax writeoffs and the potnetial of the real estate market, we could affort to move Kathie's nephew Mikie and his wife Andrea there and still do well if we hold it for a few years.So we kept it, and it closed escrow TODAY. We'll be doing some work on it over the next month, and the kids will move in October 1st.

We gave Tom the option to move into the new house, but he decided to stay put.

The second weekend in August we went to look at property in Placer County. It was a great trip, giving us a chance to look at areas we like and disklike, and narrowing down what we want in our land. We stayed at the home of Nancy and Cathy, two very nice women we met through meeting two other women from the area in Washington DC in April, of all places. They shared a lot about the area and showed us around, and Katelyn loved playing with their two daughters, Kelly and Tracy, ages 3 1/2 and 4.

The third weekend in August we visited Grandma Frances, who hasn't been well. She's much better, and was very happy to see us, and we were happy to see her. Dad & Reggie were there for the vist. We also visited stepsister Kim and he husband Vito and their kids Chelsea and Kyle. Stepbrother Jeff was also there with his wife Rosemary (4 months pregnant with their second child) and their daughter Hannah.

Katelyn had her very first dentist appointment on August 25. Her teeth are doing fine, and she had a lot of fun. If anyone needs a good pediatric dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Golden in South San Francisco.

The fourth weekend in August Kathie left on a business trip to Balitmore, returning on the 30th.

We went to the circus on the 31st, Katelyn's second time. She loved it, although with everything she saw, the thing that she liked the most was the wo"women in the pretty dresses". She's such a little femme girl!

Kathie's away for a couple of days, going to Reno with her friend Amy. Adrien is down south, currently in Laughlin with her friend Barbara. Katelyn is spending the night at Aunt Judy's tonight, so I'm home alone, enjoying a quiet house while others are off gambling or playing.