June 14, 2001

Had a fun Memorial Day weekend, with 2 barbeques, on Sunday and Monday. Visited with friends Owl and Jan (who own the Lavendar Dragon Bookstore), and then Jane and her friend Dawn later in the week. A very social time!

Introduced our cousin Terri to sushi on June 1. She loved it!

Glynis and Susan and I took Katelyn to see Shrek on June 2. We all thought it was great. Go see this movie!

I've done 2 speaking engagements for LGBAP this week. It's a great group, and I love doing them. We usually don't do much during the summer, so I'm looking forward to more in the fall. I've been a member of this group for about 12 years!

Katelyn had her dance recital on Saturday June 9. She was dressed as a teddy bear, and they performed to Teddy Bear Picnic. Pictures coming soon! She was really great. Last year she didn't do much of the routine onstage, but this year she did. We're very proud of her. Haley was there and watched the whole thing, fascinated.

Earlier that same day, nephew Joe O'Donnell graduated from Granite Bay High School. He's off to UC San Diego in the fall. Congratulations Joe! His brother Lee finished elementary school also, so he's off to junior high in the fall.

The kids continue to do really well. Haley still isn't crawling, but she may just go right to walking. She loves standing up. Right now she's going through a "mommy" phase, so sometimes I have to sneak around my own house because if she catches a glimpse of me she just wants me to hold her. Oh, well...we should all have such problems!

I have a new friend, Val. OK, more than just a friend. We've only known each other a short time but I have a great affection for her. I'm sure I'll be writing more about her.