May 19, 2001

Haley now has two teeth. She got the first one, the lower right, April 20, and the second one, next to it, on May 16. She's really into eating real food...starting to get good at cheerios and ritz crackers, and loves fruit of all kinds.

My knee is getting a lot better. I had two kinds of pain before the surgery, some on the left inside of my knee and some in my kneecap. The paind on the left inside of my knee is completely gone. There is still residual pain from the surgery in my kneecap, and the surgery site is still quite tender, so the jury's out on that one. I need to get the other one done soon.

Going back over what's been going on for the last 6 weeks...

Mom and I hosted two Seders for Passover. Instead of having them the first two nights, as is traditional, we had them the last two nights, because the first two nights I'd just had my knee surgery. Click here for pictures.

Haley had her 6 month checkup on 4/16, a little late. But the weird thing is that she was the EXACT same weight (15 lbs 8 oz) and length (24 inches) as Katelyn was at her 6 month checkup. And the REALLY weird thing is that they were the exact same height and weight at their 4 months checkup. Very very strange.

I now have a motorcycle in my life again. I brought Kathie's 1993 Honda 1100 Shadow. I've really missed having a motorcycle!

We've started attending temple. Well, we've gone once, to Peninsula Temple Sholom. Every month they have a "Tots and Torah" night, a one-hour service specifically geared towards preschoolers. Katelyn had a great time, and we met some really nice people. We're planning on going to a family service soon (also once a month), and will continue with the Tots and Torah night when I have the kids.

Glynis, Susan, and I took Judy to see Suzanne Westenhofer, a lesbian comedian, for her birthday on April 28. If you ever get a chance to see her, do it!

On May 6 I took the girls to the annual Picnic from the Hoover Children's Center where they both go to day care/preschool. We had a great time, and the weather was outstanding.

I got to my first look at the new Pac Bell Park, where the SF Giants play, on Thursday May 10. About 25 people from my office, including my boss, played hookie in the afternoon and went to a game. But the time I left to go get the kids in the middle of the 7th inning, the Giants were whipping the Montreal Expos 13-0. The park is quite wonderful, even the bleacher seats where we sat.

Mom and I had a great Mother's Day. The kids were at Kathie's in the morning, so we had a wonderful, peaceful massages from Gwen Pillow. What a treat! Then we went to the Shades for lunch, and the kids joined us there.

Katelyn went on her first camping trip this week, up to Olema (near Point Reyes) with Aunt Judy in Judy's motorhome. They left on Thursday evening and are due back around 4 this afternoon.

Tomorrow we're planning a trip to Marine World with a group of about 40 women, organized by my friend Stacy. Should be fun!