September 27, 2001

A lot has happened in the world.

We (Mom, kids, Val, and I) went on vacation to visit family in New York on the 7th. Of course we all know what happened on September 11. Uncle Bob was on the highway headed into NYC when he called us and told us to turn on the TV. We watched along with the rest of the world as the whole thin unfolded. Given the amount of family we have in that area, we were very lucky not to have been closely touched by the tragedy. But many of them were. Uncle Bob and cousin Bruce, as volunteer firefighters in Rockland County (about 25 miles NW of NYC), knew a lot of the firefighters and police officers who died. Bruce spent about 36 hours at "ground zero" in the rescue effort starting on the 12th. Other cousins Steven and Phil were on their way to meetings in that area that morning. Everyone there knows someone who died, or who was closely affected.

We were planning on returning on the 14th, but of course the airports were closed. Due to Aunt Joan's diligence, and contacts as a travel agent, we were able to get out on a flight on Sunday the 16th. Not too bad, considering many others were stranded for much longer times than we were! I took 2 days off work to recuperate.

Now we're into birthday season. Haley's first birthday party was Sunday the 23rd. She celebrated her actual birthday, on the 25th, by getting a cold and having to stay home from day care for 2 days.

This weekend is my birthday, with lots of fun planned around the fact that it's Folsom Street Fair weekend in SF, plus we're having a party on Sunday. I just LOVE birthdays!