February 11, 2001

My big news is that I went back to work on January 22. It was a good thing to do, sort of a return to normalcy. I really like my job and the people I work with, so that's been a very positive experience.

We're starting to get into a routine with the kids. Kathie and I switch off every other weekend, she has them one night during the week, Glynis and Susan take Katelyn one night during the week, and I get the rest of the time. Hopefully the schedule isn't too hectic for Katelyn. Haley, of course, doesn't know any better so I think she'll be OK.

Katelyn continues to attend Hoover preschool, and really loves it. Her best friends at school are Jessica and Sabreen. She's also once again in pre-creative dance at Schumacher's. She alternates between loving it and not wanting to go, so we'll see how that works itself out.

Katelyn had her first sleepover at her friend Elizabeth Faber's house on February 3. They didn't get enough sleep (what kid does at a sleepover?) but they had a great time. Thanks to Elizabeth's mommies Donna and Leslie for having Katelyn over!

Katelyn had her 4-year checkup, which I forgot to mention the last time I wrote. She's still only about 32 pounds. Given weight restrictions we figure she'll be using a car seat until she's about 12...

Haley had her 4 month checkup a few weeks ago. She's 13 pounds and 24 inches, about the 25th percentile. Small, but fine. She's starting to look less like Katelyn and more like herself. (pictures coming soon) She's started eating solid foods. So far she's had rice cereal, pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes. We tried carrots this evening but they didn't agree with her.

I've been missing the kids terribly when they're not here, but I've been using the time to rediscover what it means to be single again. I've been spending a lot of time with friends, and have gone to some really fun parties! This weekend I went to see The Vagina Monologues at Theatre on the Square in San Francisco with my friends Judy, Freda, and Pam. What a great show! We had dessert at Planet Hollywood and stayed out until 1am, something I can't do when I have the kids!

And then the next night Mom and I went to see The Last Night of Ballyhoo at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts. It was a touching story of a Jewish family in Atlanta in the 1930's.