Val gave the girls a cool Thomas the Tank Engine train set for Christmas. 12/30/02

Fun with Grandma! 12/22/02
Hiding in their little tent condo, constructed entirely of chairs and blankets. 12/15/02
Haley on Santa's lap at Hoover. Click here for an image of the whole christmas card they made for us. 12/17/02   Closeup. 12/13/02
Girl on chair. 12/13/02   Enjoying Katelyn's birthday cake. 12/7/02
Chanukah candles with Katelyn 12/5/02.   Chanukah presents - potato heads! 12/4/02
Santa! 11/29/02   In a box? 11/24/02
"Sleeping" in Haley's "room". 11/22/02.   Katelyn made a "room" for Haley in the living room. 11/22/02.
Haley the firefighter. 11/22/02   Firefighter Teletubby Girls! 11/22/02
Katelyn reading to Haley. 11/15/02   Katelyn reading to Haley. 11/15/02.
Mommy loves Haley! 11/3/02   Val loves Haley, too! 11/3/02
The girls love each other... 11/3/02   Getting ready for tick-or-treating, with Aunt Judy 10/31/02
Tinky Winky: Hallowen Parade at Hoover 10/31/02   Tinky Winky and friends: Hallowen Parade at Hoover 10/31/02
Dynamic Duo! 10/26/02   Ridin' the wild tiger! 10/26/02
Night-night with the tiger 10/13/02   Night-night in the kitchen 10/25/02
Haley's school picture, October 2002   Rocking horse girls 9/28/02
She's Two!  

Oh, so cute..

Blowing out the candles, Haley's party 9/22/02   Lots of presents, Haley's party 9/22/02
Eating cake with help from Mommy Kathie, Haley's party 9/22/02   Hangin' out, Haley's party 9/22/02
Val and Haley, Haley's party 9/22/02   Rolling around with Mommy. 9/20/02
A rare moment - quiety coloring.9/15/02   Stick Horse girls 8/27/02
Cute girls, dressed alike, 8/25/02   In the yard with Katelyn & Val at Gavin & Nelee's, 8/25/02
Playing "night-night" with Katelyn 8/11/02   Funny Faces playing night-night. 8/11/02
With Madison: cuties! 8/3/02   Happy girl, sitting on the treadmill 8/2/02
Sitting on the treadmill 8/2/02   Messy Face! 7/11/02
Very interested in Teletubbies video with Grandma 7/6/02   Playing in the living room 6/21/02
Waiting for a printout 6/21/02   Proud Baby, Pride Parade, 6/30
With the whole family, Pride Parade, 6/30   Getting a lift from Val, Pride Parade, 6/30
With Mommy Kathie & Katelyn, Pride Parade, 6/30   With Mommy Kathie & Katelyn, Pride Parade, 6/30
With Mommy Marilyn & Katelyn, Pride Parade, 6/30   Getting a lift from Aunt Glynis, Pride Parade, 6/30
Wearing Aunt Glynis's hat, Pride Parade, 6/30   Got her own hat, Pride Parade, 6/30
Looking at Katelyn in the box, 6/8   At Mommy Kathie's, May
Playing "night night" with Katelyn 5/27/02   More "night night" 5/27/02
Cool Babes #1, 5/24   Cool Babes #2, 5/24
Drawing in Diaper, 5/24   Matching Teletubbie Girls, 5/24
Smiling girls at Mommy Kathie's, May      
Mommy Kathie's girl, 5/22   Playing around with Katelyn, 5/19
Poddy Girls, 5/11   First time in "big girl" underwear, 5/10
Dragging her dragon 5/14/02   Matching Teletubbie pajamas 5/26/02
Laughing it up with Katelyn 4/5/02   More laughing with Katelyn 4/5/02
Old-Tyme pictures taken at day care, April 2002   Playing around with Katelyn 4/5/02
Taking turns in the doll stroller 3/31/02   Hanging out at Aunt Susan's for Passover 3/30/02
At Alyssa's birthday party 3/16/02   With the rest of us at Alyssa's birthday party 3/16/02
At the piano. 3/13/02 and 3/15/02   Sisters after bath. 3/2/02
Playing "night night" on the floor of mommy's room. 3/2/02   Feeding the baby. 2/24/02
Looking a bit ragged with Mommy. 2/23/02   Fashion babe, in cow outfit by Judith. 2/20/02
Fun on the luggage cart at the Embassy Suites. 2/16/02   At Nana Frances' house. 2/16/02
With friend Josie. 2/3/02   Cute sisters. 2/2/02
Rocking together. 1/31/02   Haley's first time actually sitting and watching TV. 1/22/02
Stylish girl at Lee's Bar Mitzvah 1/19/02   At Lee's Bar Mitzvah, with Grandpa right there 1/19/02