KATELYN - 2002
Val gave the girls a cool Thomas the Tank Engine train set for Christmas. 12/30/02

Fun with Grandma! 12/22/02
Hiding in their little tent condo, constructed entirely of chairs and blankets. 12/15/02
At Mommy's holiday party at work. 12/13/02
With Rainbow Animals. Nana Frances sent money, and Katelyn bought several more of these with it. We took this picture especially to send to Nana Frances.   Decorating our little Christmas tree 12/10/02.

Eating cake at her party 12/7/02.

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  In the jumpy castle at her party. 12/7/02
Opening presents at her party. 12/7/02.   Showing off the pinata with Jessica at her party 12/7/02
Birthday girl! Mommy decorated her room.  

Chanukah candles with Haley 12/5/02.
Santa! 11/29/02   Chanukah presents - potato heads! 12/4/02
Clowning around with Val. 11/24/02   More clowning around with Val 11/24/02
On the swing at the park with Carmen, the day of their first sleepover together. 11/23/02   Helping Carmen's mom, Terry, unpack the new copier/printer. 11/23/02
Jumping in the leaves with Carmen. 11/23/02   Katelyn made a "room" for Haley in the living room. 11/22/02.
"Sleeping" in Haley's "room". 11/22/02.   Firefighter Teletubby Girls! 11/22/02
Katelyn reading to Haley. 11/15/02   Katelyn reading to Haley. 11/15/02.
Mommy loves Katelyn! 11/3/02   Val loves Katelyn, too! 11/3/02
The girls love each other... 11/3/02   Katelyn's school picture, October 2002
Getting ready for tick-or-treating, with Aunt Judy 10/31/02      
Cuddling with Miriam Bacigalupi (born 9/24/02), 10/31/02   Cuddling with Ariella Bacigalupi (born 9/24/02), 10/31/02
Halloween kids from A Child's Way, 10/31/02   With Grandma, 10/31/02
Scary bat with Mommy Marilyn the Kitty, 10/31/02   With Mommy Kathie, 10/31/02
Halloween parade at Spring Valley, 10/31/02   Ridin' the wild tiger! 10/26/02
Night-night in the kitchen 10/25/02   Night-night with the tiger 10/13/02
Face painted at Mommy Marilyn's birthday party. 9/29/02   Rocking horse girls 9/28/02
With Elizabeth and Storm at Haley's pary. 9/22/02   With Elizabeth doing chalk at Haley's party, 9/22/02
Rolling around with Mommy. 9/20/02   A rare moment - quiety coloring.9/15/02
Stick Horse girls 8/27/02   Cute girls, dressed alike, 8/25/02
Running around with Haley and Val in Gavin & Nelee's yard 8/25/02   Playing twister with Carmen 8/18/02
Having fun playing "night_night" with Haley 8/11/02   Funny faces playing night-night 8/11/02
Dancing Mud Girls 8/10/02   Mud fun 8/10/02
Chowin' down 7/11/02   Special event: Katelyn's summer school class at A Child's Way went on a field trip to a recording studio on 7/11. Click here to hear the school song they recorded.
Getting her hair done in order to be a flower girl at Aunt Susan & Joels' wedding 8/4/02      
Waiting for a printout 6/21/02   Hanging around the living room 6/21/02
Water Girl, Pride Parade, 6/30   With the family, Pride Parade, 6/30
With Mommy Kathie, Pride Parade, 6/30   Eating a hot dog, Pride Parade, 6/30
With Mommy Kathie and Haley, Pride Parade, 6/30   With Mommy Kathie and Haley, Pride Parade, 6/30
With Susan, Mommy Kathie, Mommy Marilyn, and Grandma Adrien at graduation, 6/13   With Jessica and Gaby at graduation, 6/13
With proud Mommy Marilyn at graduation, 6/13   With proud Mommy Kathie at graduation, 6/13
Getting her diploma, 6/13   Class of 2002, 6/13
Walking in to graduation, 6/13   Sitting in a box (don't ask), 6/8
Playing "night night" with Haley 5/27/02   More "night night" 5/27/02
Matching Teletubbie pajamas 5/26/02   Again, again, 5/26
Fooling around with Haley, 5/19   Playing with "Cuisinaire Rod", a gift from Val 5/19/02
With Snoop Dog and Abbie at Mommy Kathie's, May   With her bird at Mommy Kathie's, May
Smiling girls at Mommy Kathie's, May   With Abbie and Snoop Dog at Mommy Kathie's, May
Poddy Girls 5/11   Watching a video with all her dolls, 5/11
Old-tyme pictures, April 2002   At the piano 5/11. Her first official lesson was 5/24
Funny Faces with Val, saying "oh-SHUN" (ocean) 4/21/02   Hanging out with Val 4/21/02
At Brittany's Bat Mitzvah with cousin Brianna 4/20/02   At Brittany's Bat Mitzvah with cousins Taylor and Brianna 4/20/02
Finished a puzzle at Aunt Joanie's 4/20/02   Decorating cookies with Mommy 4/8/02
Laughing it up with Haley 4/5/02   More laughing with Haley 4/5/02
Playing around with Haley 4/5/02   Taking turns in the doll stroller 3/31/02
Hanging out at Aunt Susan's for Passover 3/30/02   Pony pictures at school. 3/27/02
Pony pictures at school. 3/27/02   With the rest of us at Alyssa's birthday party 3/16/02
Serious modeling... 3/15/02   Hugging after bath. 3/2/02
Pony ride at Jessica's birthday party, Lemos Family Farms 3/2/02   PEtting the goats at Jessica's birthday party, Lemos Family Farms 3/2/02
Playing "night-night" with Haley on the floor in Mommy's room. 3/2/02   Playing on the luggage cart at Embassy Suites. 3/16/02
Playing on the luggage cart at Embassy Suites. 3/16/02   Playing on the luggage cart at Embassy Suites. 3/16/02
With Nana Frances, visiting for her 95th birthday. 2/16/02   At Nana Frances' house. 2/16/02
Hugging time with Mommy. 2/14/02   Fun and games with Haley. 2/2/02
Horsing around 1/31/02   Clearing the dishes.1/27/02
Watching TV with Haley. 1/22/02   Dancing with Val, Lee's Bar Matzvah 1/19/02
Unicorn Wings 1/7/02