With Katelyn at the SMP Holiday Party 12/13/02

Gorgeous babes, ready to go to the Triton holiday party, in the Crown Room at the very top of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. 12/6/02
Closer shot of the gorgeous babes. 12/6/02

Mommy Loves Katelyn! 11/3/02

  Mommy Loves Haley! 11/3/02
Mommy the Kitty with Katelyn the Bat.10/31/02
  Hangin' out with Haley at her birthday party, 9/22/02
Rolling around with the kids, 9/20/02  

All four of us at the Pride Parade 6/30

The three girls at the Pride Parade, 6/30
At a waterfall along Tioga Pass, on our way to Mono Lake 6/14/02  
Omstead Pass, on our way to Mono Lake, 6/14/02
Marilyn being very strong.  
Amazon Woman.
With the gang at Katelyn's Preschool graduation 6/13
Proud Mommy at Katelyn's Preschool graduation 6/13
Hanging out at Aunt Susan's for Passover 3/30/02   On the Rondvaart (canal boat) in Amsterdam. 3/27/02
On the Rondvaart (canal boat) in Amsterdam. 3/27/02   Amsterdam scene. 3/27/02
Dinner with Val's friends. 3/24/02   Arriving at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
Dancing the "Time Warp" atthe wedding. 3/23/02   Down at the end of the table, dinner with Val's friends. 3/24/02
With Klingon Toastmasters at the wedding. 3/23/02   They loaned me their Batlith - pretty scary! 3/23/02
Fashionable couple at the wedding. 3/23/02   With Val and Tracey at Avebury. 3/21/02
Listening to the self-guided tour at Stonehenge. 3/21/02   With Val's friends at the Feminists Against Censorship meeting 3/20/02
With the kids at Alyssa's birthday party 3/16/02      
Snuggling with Katelyn 2/14/02   Looking ragged with Haley 2/23/02.