May 27 , 2002

Today was a really fun day. Katelyn and Haley and I went on their first trip to the Morrison Planetarium, at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. No pictures, because I forgot my camera. But trust me... they had a great time and were very well-behaved. Afterwards there was a free concert at the band shell, and they had more fun. Haley is crashed out right now; her nap was 2 hours late!

Yesterday, Val and the girls and I went down to Judy & Donna's for a picnic and card-playing. Val had never seen their place, and I hadn't seen it since Donna moved in and they remodeled the kitchen. Glynis and Susan were also there, so it made for a festive afternoon.

Last Friday the 24th I had friends Lynn & Trudy over for dinner and a visit. It had been a while since I saw them, so it was nice to reconnect, and have them meet Val.

On Mother's Day (May 12) I got some wonderful gifts from my girls, made at their day care. Then I spent a fun afternoon/evening with Val, Judy, and Donna at Glynis & Susan's house.

On May 7 I did an erotica reading at Venue 9 in San Francisco, as part of a Size-Positive Art segment in their Women's Work series.

On April 28, Val and I took Judy and Donna out to see STOMP for Judy's birthday, at the Marine's Memorial Theater. If you get a chance to see this show, I highly recommend it.

Our trip to New York (4/19-4/22) was much better than the last one (9/11/01). We had a weather delay which got us in 4 1/2 hours late, but other than that it was good. Katelyn was really great on both flights, and had a wonderful time with "the kissy lady" Aunt Joan, and playing with her cousins. We all missed Haley, but since the trip was just over a weekend it would have been too hard for her. Everyone is just going to have to make due with the latest pictures! Click here for pictures from the trip.

On the trip I got a chance to talk a bit more with cousin Mark about his water purification business. Check it out at

On April 6, Mom finally got to meet Val's dad & stepmom when Val had a gathering for her family and mine at her house for her Dad's 78th birthday. Katelyn and Cara got along wonderfully! The restaurant, The Purple Plum, which is right across the street from Val's house, was excellent.

Mike & Andrea came over for dinner on the April 10th, bringing little Antonio with them. He's really growing up!

At Haley's 18-month checkup (4/11) she was 22 1/2 pounds and 32 inches tall. She's right on schedule with her growth and development. She was very unhappy about the two shots, though! She's now saying "Marilyn", although it comes out "MeeMaw", and also saying "Katelyn", almost understandably!