Gorgeous babes, ready to go to the Triton holiday party, in the Crown Room at the very top of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. 12/6/02

Closer shot of the gorgeous babes. 12/6/02
Clowning around with Katelyn. 11/24/02
More clowning around with Katelyn 11/24/02      
Val loves Katelyn! 11/3/02   Val loves Haley! 11/3/02
With her family at Marilyn's 40th birthday party. 9/29/02.   Serious about the cake, Haley's birthday party 9/22/02
With Gavin at Marilyn's birthday party 9/29/02   Strolling in Gavin & Nelee's yard 8/25/02
With the family at the Pride Parade, 6/30   Hangin' on to Haley, Pride Parade, 6/30
With Marilyn at Omstead Point, on our way to Mono Lake 6/14/02      
Cool Babes #1, 5/24   Cool Babes #2, 5/24
Funny Faces with Katelyn 4/21/02   Hanging out with Katelyn 4/21/02
Dancing the "Time Warp" at he wedding. 3/23/02   Fashionable couple at the wedding. 3/23/02
With Marilyn and Tracey at Avebury. 3/21/02   Dancing with Katelyn, Lee's Bar Matzvah 1/19/02