Anniversary Trip to Fort Bragg

Val and I went on a late anniversary trip (since I was at Christopher's graduation on our actual anniversary, June 14) to Fort Bragg, along the coast about 4 hours north of San Francisco. We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. We left on Friday July 25 and returned on Monday the 28th.

Click on a small picture to view the large picture.

Beautiful stop in the forest on the drive.

More forest

Closeup of Val in the forest. And Another
Our hotel, the Harbor Light Lodge, overlooking Noyo Harbor. Val in the hotel room.
Getting ready to ride the Skunk Train.
Val looking silly as a woodcutter. And of course Marilyn, too!
Marilyn and the train.

Val and the train.

Val looking cool on the train. (The picture of Marilyn on the train didn't come out well at all.)

The train.

At Northspur, about halfway between Fort Bragg and Willets, which is the end of the line at the moment since they're doing track repair. But that was fine, since the round trip was still 3 1/2 hours! .

The train taking on water for the return trip.