KATELYN - 2003
 Cool Babes, 12/27/03

Playing in the rain, 12/24/03
Playing around, 12/20/03 With friends Ty and Elizabeth at her birthday party, 12/7/03
Cutting birthday cake, 12/7/03 Playing Snood with Val and Haley, 11/28/03
Sisters, watching TV, 11/2/03 Hangin' around with Val, 11/1/03
Halloween with Elizabeth and Haley, 10/31/03. A scary vampire bat! Halloween with Mommy Kathie, 10/31/03
Halloween with Mommy Marilyn, 10/31/03 Nude bathing in the jacuzzi and Aunt Susan and Uncle Joel's house, 10/11/03
Sisters, watching TV again, 10/25/03 With cousin Taylor at Kira's Bat Mitzvah, 8/30/03.
Showing off their dresses at Kira's Bat Mitzvah, 8/30/03. (Aunt Susan got them those dresses to be flower girls at her wedding last year.) Cuties! at Kira's Bat Mitzvah, 8/30/03.
Family, at Kira's Bat Mitzvah, 8/30/03 At Kira's Bat Mitzvah - the kids all got sunglasses, 8/30/03
Crashed out watching a movie at the hotel, Candlewood Suites, 8/29/03 Breakfast at the hotel, 8/29/03
At Joanie's, 8/28/03 Swimming at Tina's, 8/28/03
With Grandpa Ed and Grandma Reggie, 8/13/03 Playing around with Lee 8/13/03
Adorable matching nightgowns from Grandma Adrien, 8/12/03 Riding a pony at the San Mateo County Fair. 8/9/03
Family picnic.7/3/03 Katelyn as "Velma" from Scooby Do. 6/29/03
Showing off the tooth that's coming in. 6/29/03 Parade 6/29/03
Parade 6/29/03 Parade 6/29/03
Parade 6/29/03 Parade 6/29/03
Popcicle! 6/8/03    
Lost tooth! 5/26/03

With Grandma at A Child's Way kinder graduation luncheon. 5/28/03

Happy during baking time with Aunt Glynis & Aunt Susan & Haley. 5/11/03 Doing art in Kindergarten class, approx. May 2003
Lounging around with Val 4/26/03. Princess. 4/13/03
Toasty Buns! Warming in front of the fire after bath 5/4/03 First ice skating experience 4/13/03. More pictures here.
Saying goodbye to Val. 3/30/03 Making orange faces with Val and Haley. 3/30/03
On a hike at Crystal Springs Reservoir with the Bacigalupi family. Here with Giovanni, Michelle's sister, and baby Ariella. 3/30/03 Tired girls on the hike. 3/30/03
Tinker Toy heaven for Totoro toys. 3/2/03 School picture. 3/14/03
Taking turns riding ponies at Lemos Farms, for Jessica's birthday party. 3/1/03 Modeling with Haley in the lion shirts from Saint Louis, a gift from (who else?) Aunt Judy. 2/16/03
Modeling by herself in the lion shirt. 2/16/03 Bubbleheads! 2/9/03
At the hotel after visiting Nana Frances at the nursing home. 1/18/03. Hanging out with Val, visiting Nana Frances at the nursing home. 1/18/03.
Playing with the plants, visiting Nana Frances at the nursing home. 1/18/03. Playing with Haley in the fountain, visiting Nana Frances at the nursing home. 1/18/03.
Katelyn made a ranch in the living room. Click on the thumbnail and see if you can pick out: the sun, the cowgirl, the horse, the corral, the bushes, the tent, the dinner bell, and the road with a van driving up. 1/5/03

Checking out Haley's new toddler bed. (OK, we just took the side off the crib). 1/3/03

But since this picture was taken, the two girls are now in a bunk bed!