June 22 , 2003

The month of May began with domestic stuff. First I got a new microwave. My 18-year-old microwave was sort of working, but there was a plastic insert piece inside that was falling apart. Since the company said it wasn't safe to operate without it, my home warranty took care of it. So I got a new built-in microwave with range hood and light for just $45 plus a $50 disposal fee. Not bad!

On May 11th we had a great apple pie-baking party with Glynis and Susan. The kids had a wonderful time, and the pies were really good.

Well, Katelyn lost that first tooth on May 26. See the picture here.

While Val was away her housemate Scooter took care of Tommy, but I had vet duty. He'd had some minor surgery right before Val left, so on the 15th I had to take him to the vet to get the stiches out. But two days later Scooter called me in a panic because he'd scratch the would open. Vikes! So on the 18th I had him back at the vet, where they stapled him up and put one of those Elizabethan collars on him. Poor guy..

Glynis and Susan left on the 17th for a two-week trip to Alaska. First they spent a week on an Olivia cruise, then on an after-trip to Denali.

We had a busy day on the 24th. First we had great visit with Michelle and Giovanni and the twins. Then we went swimming at Judy & Donna's. It's been a very cold spring; it was almost too cold to swim!

Val *finally* returned on the 27th after 3 1/2 weeks away. It was waaaay too long to be apart... I'm so glad she's back.

On the 29, Mom and I went to see "The Odd Couple" at San Jose Rep using tickets I'd given her for her birthday. We had amazing seats, right in the front row, and had a great dinner at Scott's Seafood.

Following on the theater theme, I took the girls to see Finding Nemo on June 1. Contrary to the advice to keep kids under 5 from seeing the movie because of nightmares, Haley did fine and Katelyn had nightmares. Pretty ironic...

We got some depressing news at the end of May. Katelyn is a tranfer student into the Millbrae School District, which means she gets lower priority than the kids who live in the neighborhood. Well, it turns out her school, Spring Valley Elementary, is already full for next year, so she can't go there unless there's a large exodus of first graders during the summer. Luckily there are other good schools in the district, so Kathie and I checked them out and decided on Green Hills Elementary. So Katelyn will have to switch schools next year. This whole thing has accelerated my plans to move. I'm working right now at getting my house ready to sell, and hope to have it on the market by the middle of July. Val and I have been looking at houses together. Of course we can't buy until at least mine sells, but at least we're getting sense of what is available and what things cost. We'll see...

I had a couple of evenings out at the beginning of June, one with my Menttium group (we were in this mentoring program together many years ago) and one with my friend Pam (whose husband and daughter had plans for the night so she was on her own).

Katelyn also had some social time, visiting Elizabeth and having Jessica over for a play date.

On the 13th, Mom and I drove down to San Luis Obispo for Christopher's graduation from Cal Poly, with his BA in City and Regional Planning from the School of Architecture. I'm sooooo proud of him!

We came back the next day because the 14th is mine and Val's anniversay. Two years now.

Yesterday, we welcomed summer by going to the Shades for Deanna's 19th birthday party. The kids all seem to be getting older and older.

Upcoming plans: Gay Pride parade on the 29th, visiting relatives in Chico on the 30th through 2nd, continuing to get the house ready. Oho,a nd close the deals on the condo in SLO and the house in SSF. Whew!