VAL - 2003

Playing Snood with the girls, 11/28/03

  Hangin' out with Katelyn, 11/1/03
At Kira's Bat Mitzvah - the kids all got sunglasses, 8/30/03   At Kira's Bat Mitzvah, dancing up a storm with Susan8/30/03
At Kira's Bat Mitzvah, 8/30/03   Family, at Kira's Bat Mitzvah, 8/30/03
With Haley at Joanie's, 8/28/03   As a judge at the Ms. World Leather contents, 8/12/03
Getting ready to ride the Skunk Train. 7/27/03   Val looking silly as a woodcutter. 7/27/03

Val and the train. 7/27/03

  Val looking cool on the train. 7/27/03
Val in the hotel room. 7/27/03   At Northspur, about halfway between Fort Bragg and Willets. 7/27/03
Closeup of Val in the forest. 7/25/03   And Another. 7/25/03
With Haley, who's eating an apple, #1 6/29/03   With Haley, who's eating an apple, #2 6/29/03
Parade 6/29/03
Parade 6/29/03
Parade 6/29/03   With brother-in-law Al at stepsister Debra's birthday party 6/13/03
With the neighbor at Mom and Charles' house in Giove, Italy, 5/24/03   With Mom in Bomarzo, 5/23/03
At the monster park in Bomarzo, Italy, on a day trip with Erika and Charles. 5/23/03   At the monster park. 5/23/03
Server maintenance in Hamburg, 5/13/03   Baltic Sea near Luebeck, in a Strandkorb (beach basket), 5/12/03
Herne Bay with Tracey, 5/10/03   Visiting friends at the pub in London. 5/4/03
Hanging out with Katelyn. 4/26/03   Tommy and Toy 4/13/03
Very serious, which is hard to do with Haley having that very serious grape juice moustache, at Passover, 4/19/03.   Val at the Baltic Sea. She met up with my friend Barbara in Hamburg and spent the day. Click here for a bunch of pictures from their day together. 5/12/03
Making faces with oranges and the kids. 3/30/03   Saying goodbye to Katelyn. 3/30/03
With Katelyn, visiting Grandma Frances, 1/18/03   With Grandma Frances, 1/18/03