VAL 2004

Triton Company Party, One Market Restaurant

Cool time at Ashley's Bat Mitzvah, November 2004
Fun in New York, November 2004
Photo by Katelyn. 10/24/04
With Marilyn at the Claes Oldenburg's sculpture, "Cupid's Span", on the Embarcadero in SF. 9/4/04   Hanging out with Marilyn and Ratty at Val's house, with tenants Jil and Melissa. 7/4/04
With Tommy and his new hedgehog. 7/3/04   Fancy cheescake, 7/3/04
Up in a tree taking pictures at Justin & Casey's wedding, 6/18/04   Hanging out at Justin & Casey's wedding, 6/18/04
Visiting Nana Frances, 5/22/04.   At Montezuma's Well. 4/29/04
At the beginning of the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon (before the nausea). 4/28/04   Grand Canyon 4/27/04
Grand Canyon 4/27/04   Grand Canyon 4/27/04
At the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell. 4/26   Driving a speed board on Lake Powell. 4/27/04
On the dinner cruise at Lake Powell. 4/26/04   At the Code Talker display at the Burger King in Kayenta. 4/26/04
Monument Valley 4/25/04   Monument Valley 4/25/04
Monument Valley. "Totem Pole" in the background. 4/25/04   Monument Valley 4/25/04
At the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. 4/25/04.   Val wearing the Mexican Hat (rock), but we were too far away so it looks more like a Mexican Hat (rock) Beanie. 4/25/04
Monument Valley 4/25/04   On the road in Arizona. 4/24/04
Clowning around, Gavin's 80th birthday, 4/3/04   More serious now
Snuggling with Katelyn (who's hiding under the covers), 3/20/04   With the taxi driver who drove us around the Garden District. 2/16/04
Graveyard in New Orleans, 2/15/04   On Bourbon Street, 2/14/04
Mule ride in the rain, 2/14/04   At the Royal Blend Cafe, 2/14/04
Pictures from the DeFrank Center anniversary Gala, April 3, 2004