Naming Ceremony
December 9, 2005

The girls finally go their Hebrew names:

Katelyn: Gila Moriah
Haley: Gibborah Michal

Haley slept through the majority of the ceremony. Unfortunately none of the pictures of Kathie and Haley on the bimah came out, but we got a picture of everyone afterwards at the oneg.

Here is the letter read by Marilyn and Kathie. Grandma Adrien and Aunt Susan came up to the bimah and read the shehecheyanu.


Here is the letter we read to the girls:

Dear Katelyn and Haley,

Normally a naming takes place when children are born. In our case, at that time we weren't members of a congregation and I personally was unsure of the direction your Jewish lives would take. But now I'm proud to have joined this wonderful congregation, and see you becoming part of the community created here. With love, you will be given Hebrew names that will help bind you to our family and to the community.

Katelyn, Gila Moriah is your Hebrew name. “Gila” means “rejoicing”, and is the same meaning as Kay, the name of one of your grandmothers. Your Grandma Kay was a strong woman who held her family together; may you rejoice in your family, and help keep it together. “Moriah” has several meanings, one of which is “teacher”. You are so excited and proud when you learn new things that you want to tell the world, and teach others. When you say “Mom, did you know…”, I know that either I'll learn something new, or I'll smile at your enthusiasm over some small fact that has sparked your interest.

Haley, Gibborah Michal is your Hebrew name. “Gibborah” means “hero”, selected because you have the heart and soul (and temperament) of a lion: you are brave and self-assured, and have strength of spirit that almost scares me sometimes. “Michal” is given to you as a remembrance of a man I never knew, the father of your great-grandmother, Nana Frances , whom we especially honor. At 98 years old she wasn't able to make the journey to see your naming, but knowing that the spirit of her father lives on through you has made her very very happy.

The Rabbi suggested that Mommy Kathie and I write of our “hopes and aspirations” for you, our special girls. That was hard, because we want everything in the world for you, but we gave it a shot.

Kathie : We hope that we will be good enough parents to teach you the lessons you need in the world. We hope that you cherish family, not just the family of your blood but the extended family that has grown around you. We hope you always see your family as a safe place.

Marilyn : We hope you give and receive vast amounts of love in your lives, surrounding yourselves with people and things that fill your heart, in places that nourish you. We hope you spend your days doing what you love. We hope every day you smile joyfully at least once.

Kathie : We hope you live by the golden rule, always treating other people with respect. We hope you get to do all the things you want to do with your lives.

Marilyn : We hope you open your eyes to the world around you, and open your minds to new and different ideas. We hope you spend some time outside of your comfort zone, to stretch yourselves and see the many facets of the world around you. But most of all, we hope you love yourselves.