Marilyn's trip to Bangalore, India

April 21-28, 2006

The Office    
I had a conference room for my office   Suneel's desk
The office building   Entry to the office
Rejeeb's desk
  Kannan's desk
Sourabh's desk
  Open cube area
Setting up for a meeting
  Rejeeb enjoying See's candy before a meeting
Going to the mall for lunch
  Inside the mall
The team going for lunch   Back to the mall, to a fancy restaurant for a team lunch
At the restarant, the veg side of the table
  Inside the restaurant
The non-veg side of the table
  Veg side again
Non-veg side
  Going to the cafeteria
Lunch Line
  Lunch Line
Suneel hard at work
  My driver out in front of the office
Tea Machine in the Pantry
  Bathroom stall
Out with the UI Team    
Dress Material Shop (you can see the final result here)
Seated at the table
  Sourabh handling our order
Beautiful soup cup   Wonderful food
Sourabh's wife Chinna, Rejeeb's wife Sini, Kannan's wife Yamuna    
My Hotel    
  View from my room
Hotel helper who met me at the airport   Lobby
Trip to Mysore with Suneel and his wife Deja, to see the countryside and the Palace
Suneel and Marilyn at Breakfast  

Deja and Suneel

Restaurant for breakfast
On the trip to Mysore we stopped at a tomb at Gumbaz    
Where we had lunch in Mysore    
Mysore Palace    
This very cute little girl was selling flowers outside the palace... I bought some
Street Scenes on the trip to/from Mysore    
Where we stopped for coffee on the way back    
Trip to the Oracle facility at Whitefield    
Many street scenes in Bangalore: