May 24, 2010

I don't seem to be able to write more than once every few months; oh, well. When you see how much we've done lately you'll undertand why... we're just too busy!!

This is what we did in March alone:

Katelyn held up her end of the "good grades" bargain, so she will be getting another lizard. We ordered the cage through the Vivarium on March 28, and I picked it up on May 22. Katelyn is in the process of deciding which lizard to get.

The kids were very busy with their music, Katelyn on saxophone and Haley on drums. In addition to regular practices (Katelyn twice a week before school and Haley once a week after school), they had several additional practices because of a special event: All of the Millbrae music students played the national anthem at the opening of the SF Giants game on April 26. Check out the pictures.

We drove down to Susan and Joel's for Passover, leaving on Thursday April 1 and coming home on Saturday April 3. A quick trip, but it was a lovely seder. In addition to seeing Susan and Joel and Mom, we got to meet Lee's girlfriend and see him before he went off to Navy boot camp, and we got to meet Ed's daughter and granddaughter. It would have been much better except Val came down with some kind of stomach bug so spent much of the time in the hotel room. She was able to get up and come to the seder, but most of her time was spent resting on the couch. Luckily she was well enough to drive home the next day. Check out pictures of the trip.

Val and Katelyn and I went see "To Kill a Mockingbird" on April 11, put on by Theaterworks at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts. It was a well-performed show, emotional and compelling.

Val and I attended the IMsL weekend (again) April 15-18.

We had a crazy weekend towards the end of April. Over the course of 5 days, we did the following:

All in all it was a crazy, exhausting, fun weekend.

Then we went into May. Just in the first few weeks of May we did the following.

We continued to just do the regular stuff too:

Coming up in the next 6 weeks:

Life is full and exciting and fun and challenging!