January 5, 2011
I tried very hard to get an update out before the end of the year, but was unsuccessful, so now you get to hear all about the holidays too.

Looking back on the months since my last posting on 10/25. At the beginning of that posting we were still saddened by the loss of Ed Carter. I went down to Orange County for his memorial on 10/30. We're doing our best to support mom.

Right around this time my Palm phone got damaged by my keys in my pocket so I was forced to get a new phone. Although I'd been reading about nightmarish  adventures through getting Palm data onto other devices, I bit the bullet and got an iPhone. To make a very long story short, I've just recently, within the last week or two, gotten all of the contacts and calendars and notes to work correctly. 

We had a fun Halloween. Katelyn was Mr. Spock and Haley was a bat-like spider web creature. As usual we went trick-or-treating in Kathie's neighborhood.

November had a number of interesting and fun events:
December started out on an interesting note with the end of my contract with Genentech. I knew it was coming so I wasn't surprised. I hadn't really looked for work, though, because I wanted December off. I got my wish! I got caught up o a lot of projects, got to spend some fabulous time with the kids, and got to RELAX. Now I'm off and running on the job search.

Other things we did in December:
To end the year, Val got back home and had a quiet evening, and Marilyn went to Las Vegas with Adrien. Marilyn didn't win, but didn't lose as much as she could have, and Adrien won! In addition to that, they attended a party and a comedy show, ate great food, and got massages at the luzury spa. And because Adrien is a Diamond Club member most of it was comp'd, so that was awesome!

Val and Marilyn continued many activities with the Exiles, including monthly programs, orientations, and business meetings.

Off to 2011!!