Hanging out with Haley on the deck, after a dip in the jacuzzi, 8/23

Getting the first step stripe on her green belt, matering kicking and punching, 8/20. The next step is katas, and then sparring, and she'll get a white stripe.
"Maze Day", also known as orientation for Taylor Middle School, 8/14. See more pictures here.
Leaving for Camp Newman, 7/16. See more pictures here.
Graduation from Spring Valley Elementary. 6/5. More pictures here.
Checking out the new butterfly arrivals with Val and Haley, 5/31. See more pictures here.
Getting ready for a camping overnight in the backyard, with Haley and Adrian, 5/18.
More fun in the tent.
Waiting for Nana Frances' memorial while reading a Pokemon catalog, 5/7. See a few pictures here.
Visiting with Lennie (and Lee - not pictured) and his dog, 5/7
Clowning around with Haley at Aunt Susan & Uncle Joel's at Passover, 4/19. See more pictures here.   Katelyn fell a few times and we were concerned, so she had an EEG on 4/17. See more pictures here.
With Nana Frances and Haley, 3/28. Nana Frances passed away only 5 weeks later, on 5/4. See a few pictures here.   Joining in at observation day at Haley's dance class, with Adrien, 4/14
School picture, 3/11   Playing on Laguna Beach, 3/28. See all pictures here.
Mosheve, the crayfish, 3/2   Chefs hard at work, 3/1
A tent, constructed by both girls in Katelyn's room, 2/23.   The spider in the pipecleaner zoo that both girls created, 2/23. See the whole zoo here.
Lounging in the tent, 2/23   Closeup of both girls in the tent, 2/23
At the dojo with her new Karate instructor Mr. Johnson, 2/21.   Welcome mat for the tent, 2/23
Waiting in Haley's class for Haley to do her "suitcase" report on her Mexican heritage, 2/11. See all pictures from the presentation here.   More karate, 2/21
Katelyn had an MRI of her lower spine on 1/29, which luckily turned out negative. You can see all pictures of the experience here.   A weird picture taken 2/9, to be matched with the similar weird picture of Val. Both ended up on the birthday card Katelyn made for Val.
Showing off Val's old Cardiacs shirt, now a nightshirt, 1/9   With Val at Cirq de Soleil, 1/11. See all pictures here.