Val's Family
Mother Erika, at their home in Giove, Italy   Stepfather Charles at Giove
Val with her mother Erika   Erika and Charles at Bomarzo
Val and her dad, Gavin, on his 80th birthday, which was April 2, 2004.   Stepmother Nelee.
Stepsister Jenny (with her dad, Paul)   Jenny's husband Al (with Val at his 50th birthday)
Jenny & Al's daughter Cara, who's just 5 months younger than Katelyn   Stepsister Debra, with daughter Margot
Debra's husband Joe  

Val and Gavin at Al's 50th birthday party.

Val with Debra, Joe, and Margot   Gavin at Al's 50th birthday party.
Gavin and interesting flower, May 9.   Gavin and Nelee visit us for dinner, July 3.