June 16, 2000

Lots of news!

The pregnancy is progressing well. Had an ultrasound on May 20, but no still pictures came out. (I'm a little annoyed at the technician...) I got a 30-minute video, though. The baby seems fine, but I'm tired and cranky all the time. Lucky Kathie! I had some uncomfortable pain today, and saw the doctor and had an ultrasound. Nothing concusive yet, but the baby seems to be OK.

Kathie's mom Kay has been quite ill for a few weeks. On 5/26 she had an emergency angioplasty (double). She did well, but on 5/30 she suffered a cardiac arrest, followed by kidney failure. It was touch and go for a while, but she has pulled through. She is still quite weak and in pain, and just recently her kidneys and other functions regulated. She came home today, so now we're working on setting up home health care for her.

Kathie's motorcycle is finally here, and complete. What a pain! It came in, but all of the additional parts weren't in. When you buy a new Harley, you want all the parts put on by the dealer so they are covered under the dealer warranty. Most of the parts came in shortly, except the new fenders and tank with the new paint job, which came in and had to be sent back TWICE because the pain job was faulty. Since it took so long, Harley let Kathie have the bike for a couple of weeks before our April 27 vacation, even without the new parts. While we were on vacation they put it all together. It's gorgeous!

We had a great family-visit trip 4/27 through 5/12. First we flew to New York. Mom took Katelyn and stayed at Aunt Joan's. Kathie and I drove to Washington DC for the Millenium March for Lesbian and Gay Rights. We stayed with Glynis and Susan downtown, and did some tourist things also. We drove back to New York, and spent a week with my extended family. We attended counsin Jenny Lahm's Bat Mitzvah, and cousin Elyssa Miller's First Communion, in addition to visiting everyone. Then we flew back to San Francisco, were here for just a few hours, and flew up to Portland, Oregon. We spent the next 5 days visiting with Kathie's cousins Louise and Monica and their families. When we finally got home, we were TIRED, but it was fun.

We've been busy with buying a condo in San Luis Obispo for Kathi's nephew Christopher to live in for the remainder of him time at Cal Poly. Escrow closes on June 30. We'll spend time over the summer fixing it up, and Christopher and his roommates will move in sometime in September.

Katelyn has been busy learning her performance song and dance, The Worry Bird, for her upcoming dance recital on 6/24. Stay tuned for pictures!

I'm sure I've forgotten some important things, so I'll write more later.