December 31 , 2005

December was an incredibly busy month for us; mostly fun, except for the very end.

We had an exciting event on the 9th: the girls were finally given their Hebrew names. You can see details here. The following day we got a tree and decorated it.

Then the illnesses began. The girls missed the last 3 days of school before the holiday, with the flu. Then we had a few days of fun: saw the Narnia movie on the 23rd, had Val's extended family over on the 23rd, and went to the SF Ballet's production of the Nutcracker on the 24th. Then the kids went to Kathie's and I got sick with the flu. Val started coming down with it on Monday the 26th. We were both very sick all week, missing work and being in bed a lot. It was not a good way to end the year. Luckily the girls were away most of the week, first at Kathie's, then at Glynis & Susan's, then camping for two days with Judy and Donna. They were back in time for Ruth & Tyler's Chanukah party on the 30th, although Val wasn't well enough to go. Then the girls went to Grandma Adrien's for a couple of days.

I was able to participate in our plans to see Marga Gomez with our friends Lisa and Rocket for New Year's Eve, but Val still wasn't well enough. Not a good way to ring in the new year.

Oh, well... things can only get better from here! HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.